About Me

brit about

I am a small-town Mississippi girl living in the largest city in Southern Spain. When I am not teaching little kiddies English, you can find me walking the romantic streets of Seville, hiking on any trail I can find, scoping out old buildings and history museums, and photographing and eating everything in sight.

My first trip abroad and my first move abroad were one in the same. I jumped in head first in September of 2013 when I moved to South Korea to teach at a public high school, and ever since I’ve been travelling and calling the world my home. When my contract in Korea was up I knew I wasn’t ready to go back to America, but I had to find somewhere far, far away from those god-awful Siberian winter winds. What better place than the sunniest city in Europe? In October of 2014, I moved to Seville to teach at a primary school a whopping 12 hours a week and of course, travel!

I’ve started this blog to document my travels for myself, my friends and family, and for any other people looking for a bit of inspiration for travel on a budget.



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